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Basement Development Projects

Be it an open concept finished basement with large seating and exercise area or a game room for your kids and their friends to play in, the Wood Buffalo Construction Group has the skills and expertise necessary to give your basement a total makeover. We have the ability to unlock the hidden value in your basement by turning it into your favorite place in the house.

A WBCG Services Approach

We are the leaders in the design and renovations of basements in Alberta province in Canada. When you work with the Wood Buffalo Construction Group, you get a basement design and renovation that brings your ideas to life.

Our Core Services

Basement Design

Whether it’s a new basement home theater room, home gym or a home office, we can help you breathe life into your basement ideas. Have no idea what you want in a finished basement other than more living space and/or practical storage space? No problem, we have lots of finished basement ideas to get your imagination going.

Benefits Of Our Design Services

  • Our Showroom is filled with finishing for your basements. It allows you to envision what your basement will look like when it’s completed. From seeing how working toilets flush to flooring, ceramics, saunas and more.
  • Our commitment to quality is truly exceptional. We hand choose the best materials and professionals to ensure your behavior renovation project is top notch
  • We have a dedicated crew of craftsmen that gives you the assurance of extensive experience when dealing with a variety of basement situations.
  • Project Timelines. Whether you want your basement project completed within 2 to 4 weeks, be assured that your project will be completed within the time frame.
  • Our pedigree of Over 700 basements completed. Within our 5 years of existence in Canada, we have completed over 700 basement projects of various timelines, budgets, sizes and features.

 Basement Renovation

When you partner with the Wood Buffalo Construction Group, we take the lowly to lovely. We can take your single door and replace it with French doors in other to allow more light to enter and give more space for a better view of the backyard.

The main reason why people consider a basement renovation is for space. Whether your basement was left unfinished, partially finished or completely finished; we have you covered for anything related to basement renovation.

Benefits Of Our Renovation Services

  • Design expertise that is unparalleled to none.
  • Top quality production and installation guaranteed.
  • Lifetime warranties in all our basement finishing system construction.
  • 100% green and mold free basements
  • We offer affordable prices and value driven solutions.
  • We exemplify the spirit of innovation, entrepreneurship, and vibrancy of Canada


Key features services our company offers for a basement

  • Game Room and Play Room

If you have small children, then you know they can’t do without their toys and things that cover a lot of space. The problem is that sometimes parents don’t want to crowd their living room with toys and accessories. At Wood Buffalo Construction Group, we can give your basement a finish that is both appealing as well as conducive for your kids to play in with their friends.

  • Studios and Open Concept

Most basements tend to be small, damp and unpleasant with little to no natural light, but with our expertise in Open Concept, we can renovate that small section of your house by leaving it open and spacious so it can accommodate the needs of your family. With Wood Buffalo Construction Group, the possibilities are endless as we can breathe life into any concept within their dedicated timelines and budget.

  • Hi-tech Renovations like Entertainment Rooms

Your basement is the perfect spot that can be transformed into an entertainment room. When we finish the basement makeover, you can expect to connect any kind of gaming, audio and visual sound as you wish.

Ready to Get a custom designed and built basement renovation ?

To us, your basement is a blank canvas ready to be shaped and molded as you wish. Our architects will sit down with you to help discuss and bring your vision into reality.

We provide full consultations and are happy to visit your home to get a feel for it and make recommendations about what works. The Wood Buffalo Construction Group will help bring the highest value to your home.

A basement doesn’t have to look like a basement. And it won’t when you work with Wood Buffalo Construction’s Design + Build basement renovation experts.

Key features of Wood Buffalo Construction’s basement design transformation included

  • A stunning circular staircase
  • Hi-tech, state of the art home theater
  • A spacious play area for younger children.

Whether you’re looking for a new entertainment room, a finished playroom, or a place to sit back and relax,

Chances are you have questions – lots of them!

  • How much will my basement conversion cost?
  • What structural issues need to be considered?
  • What kind of building permits do I need?
  • What could my new basement design look like?
  • What kind of experience and qualifications should my contractor have?
  • How will a basement renovation like this be managed?
  • What should a basement renovation plan include?
  • How long will my basement finishing take?

Quick Quote is the easiest way to jump start your renovation

Quick Quote is a FREE service available exclusively from Wood Buffalo Construction. It’s not the only way to get started with Wood Buffalo Construction – but it’s perfect if you:

  • Are just thinking about or getting started with your renovation plans
  • Don’t have a budget for your renovation
  • Want to find out how much your renovation will cost

Want to discuss your renovation options with a Wood Buffalo Construction certified Design professional

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