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Healthcare Facility Development Projects

We are specialized in design, construction and renovation of healthcare facilities including Dental, Medical, Optical, Pharmacy & Veterinary.  We are offering a full spectrum of services.  From planning, design, through all phases of construction, we provide the expertise and trades required to make your next clinic construction/renovation project a successful one.

A WBCG Services Approach

Wood Buffalo Construction Group (WBCG) specializes in the design, construction, and renovation of healthcare facilities. Over the years, we have been involved in the design and renovation of Dental clinics, Medical, Optical, Pharmacies and Veterinary clinics in the Alberta province in Canada.

Healthcare construction can be time-consuming if not handled by experts. The WBCG provides the needed expertise and technical know-how to from planning, designing through the entire lifecycle construction, so that your next clinic construction or renovation project “Walk on Wheels”.

Our Core Services

Design Healthcare Facilities

Enables the blending of design and aesthetics from medical facilities to pharmacies, healthcare buildings are essential to the health of our nation, as well as the medical innovation. Designing these delicate structures requires a conscious and deliberate balance of technical requirements with the needs of experts. When done right, these designs will help save lives

We know this at WBCG, therefore our main concern is allowing the hospitals and all care facilities to be stylishly and well designed to suit the needs of our patients while providing them, both humans and pets, with with an integrated environment for healing and rejuvenation.

Benefits Of Our Design Services

  •  Ease of Service: You will work closely with our technical team to conceptualize and construct your health facility saving you time and money.
  • Quicker Completion: When you have a team of experts like the World Buffalo Construction Group working on your project, the design of your construction project tends to speed up.
  • Detailed Plans: When you work with us, your thoughts are turned into plans complete with placement and product selection. This helps identify materials and requirements with construction. With written plans, there is less chance of error during construction and a greater likelihood of staying within budget.
  •  Anticipated End Product: With the design team’s and their plans by your side, you know that your health facility will be built based on your design and budget.

Construction Healthcare Facilities

The World Buffalo Construction Group is in the business of building smarter healthcare. Sometimes, that’s in the form of a new healthcare construction. The goal is to provide the highest value at the lowest cost.The old adage, You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” applies to health care facilities.

The facility communicates a lot of clues about the organization and the level of medical care being provided. The facility also influences employee service attitudes and behaviors to the patient. Finishes, signage, and artwork must be carefully selected, well-coordinated, and integrated to give it the desired look.

Benefits Of Our Construction Services

  • Integration of Partners: Seamless integration of key partners in the planning, design and construction process
  • Implementation of Build Contract: Professional execution and implementation of processes within the design-build contract
  • Target Value Processes: Utilization of the Target Value Design process to predict expected quality and cost standards from design production

Renovation Healthcare Facilities

Construction can’t get in the way of delivering care. The World Buffalo Construction Group will work closely with you to develop a plan that moves the project forward without disrupting daily operations.

Benefits Of Our Renovation Services

  • No Disruptions: At WBCG, there is a four-phase program that is followed to ensure little to no disruption to hospital functions
  • Established Protocols: There is an established protocol and point of contact up front so hospital staff knows who to call when they need help.
  • Always Prepared for the Unknown: When working with the mechanicals and utilities in the facility to be renovated, the Building team from WBCG will always prepare for the unknown with a solution at hand

Cutting Edge Design

Planning, designing, financing, and constructing healthcare projects has never been more onerous for hospital administrators and boards. In such an environment where building affordable healthcare facilities that meet the needs of the hospital administrators, the need to hire the right building contractors is not a luxury any hospital can afford. It is a necessity.

As a company located in the Alberta province in Canada, serving cities such as Edmonton, Calgary, and Fort McMurray; the WBCG is in the best position to handle all of your healthcare construction needs from design, building and renovation in Canada.

Ready to the benefits that WBCG imparts for a healthcare building construction project?

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