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Kitchen Renovations & Remodeling Experts

You’re just starting to think about or plan your kitchen renovation. You want it to be beautifully designed – yet it has to be a functional too. It’s an exciting time!

Chances are you have lots of questions. Like these:

  • How much will my kitchen remodelling cost?
  • What are my kitchen design options?
  • What type of counter and kitchen cabinetry will be best?
  • What could the new remodeled kitchen look like?
  • How long will the kitchen renovation really take?
  • What special expertise, systems, and processes will be used to ensure my kitchen renovation is done right and on-budget?

What We Offer To You ? 

Be it custom cabinetry, design solutions or plain old installation services; the Wood Buffalo Construction Group has the skills and expertise necessary to give your kitchen a total makeover.

  • We work directly with the client in an open, honest, and positive fashion.
  • We create a new kitchen that is not only stunning but beyond your expectations.

Our Core Services 

We are the leaders in the design and renovations of kitchens in Alberta province in Canada. When you work with the Wood Buffalo Construction Group, you get a kitchen design and renovation that brings your ideas to life.

Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen design, proper planning is key. The kitchen is the hub of a home and is often the room you spend the most time in. When you hire the Wood Buffalo Construction Group, we will create a kitchen that functions well and is pleasant and inviting to spend time in.

Benefits Of Our Design Services

  • Only the best will do. We are not ashamed of our commitment to quality. We hand pick the best materials and professionals to ensure your kitchen renovation project is top notch.
  • A Dedicated team of professionals at your beck and call waiting to satisfy you from inception till the project ends.
  • We have an unparalleled range of kitchen solutions and designs to choose from. We will guide you through the selection process and provide you with a quote faster than you can say the word ‘kitchen.’
  • We will complete your project on time and budget. Whether you want it completed within 4-6 weeks or less, be assured that your project will be completed on time.

Kitchen Remodeling/Renovation

Looking to completely remodel your kitchen? Let the Wood Buffalo Construction Group turn your current kitchen into a comfortable space for relaxing and entertaining guests.

You will be walked through everything from choosing cabinet styles to paint color options. Our level of expertise and customer service sets us apart from other construction companies in the Alberta province.

Benefits Of Our Design Services

  • The customer comes first to us. Our mantra is simple! Satisfy the client first, and other things will follow. We will visit your home to have a feel of your kitchen, send you our recommendations as well as a catalog of ideas to pick from.
  • Warranties in all our kitchen finishing system construction. Our kitchen remodeling service is so good that we back up with a warranty.
  • Affordable prices and value driven solutions. While it is true that you get what you pay for, to us, you get more than you pay for. We will provide value driven solutions that will enhance the look and feel of your kitchen without biting hard on your bank account.
  • Top quality production and installation are guaranteed. When you partner with the Wood Buffalo Construction Group, the only thing you should expect is quality production and expert installations in your kitchen.

We will provide adequate space for your dishwasher, fit semi-barriers for the appliances on your countertop like your coffee makers as well as stylish handles to hold your sauté pans and casserole dishes.

Key features services

To us, when considering a kitchen revamp or just a little overhaul, it’s normal to have ideas floating around in your head. We will sit down with you to discuss and bring your vision into reality.

We provide full consultations and are happy to visit your home to get a feel for it and make recommendations about what works. The Wood Buffalo Construction Group will transform your kitchen into one of your favorite places in the house.

Quick Quote is the easiest way to jumpstart your renovation

Quick Quote is a FREE service available exclusively from Wood Buffalo Construction. It’s not the only way to get started with Wood Buffalo Construction – but it’s perfect if you:

  • Are just thinking about or getting started with your renovation plans
  • Don’t have a budget for your renovation
  • Want to find out how much your renovation will cost
  • Want to discuss your renovation options with a Wood Buffalo Construction certified Design professional

Want to discuss your Kitchen renovation options with a Wood Buffalo Construction certified Design professional ?

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